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    Founded in 2002, Focus specializes in design and manufacturing durable plastic nets​ for wholesale business, engineer projects, and large farms. Our wide range of netting products are popular in agriculture​, construction​, and garden applications.

    With a professional technical team, Focus is capable of bringing customer needs into reality. Both custom and standard nets are delivered in a competitive lead time and at an affordable price.

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  • Our team

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to enhance the added value of your netting project by improving our product performance and services. Our customers can realize all the requirements of their business and activities through our netting solutions.

    For interior management, we grow with our employees. Taking employee happiness first makes Focus serve our customers with enthusiasm and quality.

  • Innovation on formulas and knitting methods

    Innovation on Formulas & Knitting Methods

    We are committed to providing more quality netting solutions for all industries by upgrading our plastic formula and knitting methods.

    With more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing nets, our technical team is skillful in adjusting the ratio of PE and additive and the knitting machines to produce more durable net samples.

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History Goes on

  • Introduction of new high weight netting series (350-380gsm).

    Mass production of printing windbreak fence series and greenhouse aluminet.

    Export sales of farm crop cover growed.

  • Production capacity increased.

    Mass production of garden small piece netting series.

    Production of windbreak fence and balcony screen started.

    Shade sails (PE and Polyester waterproof) production for retail market started.

  • New Monofilament Raschel Machines increased.

    Overseas markets projects developed.

    Mass production of monofilament meshes started.

    Production of anti-bird netting and anti-hail netting started.

  • Production of Raschel netting developed.

    Introduction of innovative knitting technology.

    Expanded the domestic market.

    Start of Garden Netting  and Backyard Netting production.

  • Company founded.

    Raschel netting production started.

    Production of Tape Raschel netting series.

    Expansion of Tape Raschel netting series.

  • Samples in different colors

    Browse our wide range of netting products to choose the right nets according to your functional needs.

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  • Designing different styles of nets

    Explore our net customization capability and see how Focus can help you work out a new design meeting your requirements.

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