Match a Netting Solution to Your Scene

With continuous research on the latest materials and market trends, our team is able to meet the ever-changing requirements of different markets.

Based on your functional requirements, regional climate & budget, our experts will come up with the most suitable netting products for your business.

Work with Focus to get lasting nets for different scenes and industries.

Focus can offer wide range of application solutions

Custom Nets?
You Have The Final Say!

  • Material

  • Color

  • Pattern

  • Size

  • Sewing Reinforce

  • Logo & Packaging

  • Plastic monofilament


    Our technicians can work out the right formula with appropriate plastic materials and additives based on your needs of quality and local regulations.

  • Color masterbatches


    Focus offers full color customization service to meet difference market preferences. Color inconsistency & fading is no longer a problem with our quality masterbatches.

  • Weaving pattern


    A wide array of stylish existing or custom pattern designs are available for your commercial nettings! Your aesthetic needs can be well considered in our solutions.

  • Different sizes


    Thanks to our advanced machines & rich production experience, we can produce netting in whatever size you need.

  • Flexible shade rate

    Sewing Reinforce

    According to your strength and aesthetics needs, we can provide the sewing process of reinforced edges. Your nets will have a firm structure and perfect appearance.

  • Custom packaging

    Logo & Packaging

    You can decide the material and pattern of your logo and label. Focus helps print custom logo and packaging to enhance your brand image.

Custom Samples After Tests & Trials

Every custom sample is made perfect with tests and trials conducted by our skillful workers.

Our netting experts will carefully analyze the weaving pattern of the 1st custom sample. If any improvement is required, we will adjust the position and movement of the machine needles to refine.

They will carefully check the details and conduct multiple trial production to ensure the consistency of performance you expect.

Contact Focus and see how can we help to make your netting solutions different.

The technical team is debugging the weaving machine
  • Get Inspiration from

    Existing Design

    Focus has been creating hundreds of nets for our clients around the world. Well-designed netting products are able to meet your market requirements and help thrive your business. Get quick delivery of our in-stock samples and save on bulk orders.

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  • Tailor Your

    New Design

    Already had a mature new idea? Or need Focus to help refine your idea? With 17 years of experience in designing and producing nets, our professionals will bring your ideas into reality. Start your customization project from our low MOQ of 3 tons.

    Customize Your Nets