Agricultural Netting Supplier

The use of nets as a form of crop protection in agricultural settings has seen a significant increase over the past years. Not only are PE nets able to cover a wide range of crop hazards, they are also an economic and environment-friendly solution.

Focus produces reliable and sturdy netting solutions that deal with various agricultural needs. Manufactured in-house using modern equipment and strong PE material, our nets are built for long-time use. Check our nets today and start your order.

Flexible Netting for Agriculture and Horticulture

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ground cover fabric for accurate cultivation and arrangement
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agricultural nets for For Shading
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agricultural nets for anti hail

Specialize in Manufacturing Agricultural Netting

Designers study trends and advancements in agricultural netting to deliver the best products possible.

all shapes and colors of our agricultural nets

Multi Function

Our nets can handle several functions at the same time. This feature adds value to the netting and makes it easier to offer on a wide market.

agricultural under sun for long lifespan

Long Lifespan

With the material treated against UV, water, and heat, our nets can handle constant exposure to harsh weather conditions with little damage.

wear resistance of our agricultural nets

Wear Resistance

Material used for manufacturing the nets are 100% pure PE that has high tolerance to abrasion. This guarantees durability of the netting as it is able to withstand constant use.

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Factory Price

Affordable and reliable nets give your more margins for profit without sacrificing quality. Ask for a quotation and in-stock samples for free to know more able our nets.