A worker is recording production beside the machine

Strict Supervision Results in Quality Nets

We are well aware of the importance of the quality management during production and followed by action.

A worker is assigned to each knitting machine to observe the weaving process so that machine failures and quality issues can be timely addressed. Our workshop directors will also inspect every 1 hour to detect production errors.

Comprehensive and Careful QC Assures Reliable Netting

  • A worker is checking netting

    Defect Detection

    Every netting product from Focus is guaranteed to be free of defects. Our QC staff will carefully check the stain & broken filaments and repair the nets if necessary.

  • Tensile test

    Tensile Test

    By conducting a strict tensile test with a specialized machine, we ensure the impact resistance of the nets meets the standards for the designated use.

  • A worker is checking the density of nets

    Density Inspection

    Our inspectors will conduct an inspection carefully, making sure the knitting density & pattern are reasonable to achieve the ideal shielding effect.

  • Dimension measurement

    Dimension Measurement

    All knitting nets from Focus will meet your size requirements with our dimension test to ensure the accurate length and roll width, fitting the specific usage scenarios.

  • Weight measurement

    Weight Measurement

    With 100% weight inspection before shipment, all of our nets are made in reasonable and accurate weight to balance your transport budget and quality needs.

  • Packaging

    Packaging Inspection

    Focus will carefully check the logo, label, and accessories before delivery to guarantee we include everything required for easy installation.