Sun Shade Sail Manufacturer

Aimed for providing shading on either homes or buildings, our sun shade sails are usually made with commercial-grade knitted PE fabric. The breathable material allows air to flow naturally, while shielding against harmful UV rays. Waterproof polyester shade sails are also available at Focus. High-density shade sails are also perfect to slow down the wind.

Focus’ sun shade sails are treated with anti weathering protection, making it last long even in changing weather conditions. Customizable dimensions and thickness offer up to 99% shade.  Buttonholes are placed on specific points of the sail for easy and safe installation. Start offering reliable sun shade sails from Focus today!

Multi-Purpose Sun Shade Sails in Various Scenes

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In-House Design and Manufacture Sun Shade Sails

Focus delivers on providing reliable and strong sun shade sails to fit any customer need.

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Stylish Design

We carry different modern and classic styles for our sun shade sails. This allows for our nets to match any theme and requirement you have in mind.

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Long-Lasting Durability

Using only 100% pure HDPE material, our sails are added with various weathering protections to extend the lifespan and maximize use.

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Installation Accessories

Auxiliary parts are available for users to connect and expand the sails in any scene. Make installation of sun shade sails easy and firm with our installation accessories.

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Custom Solutions

Our sun shade sails are fully-customizable to fit specific market demands. From shade rate and color to size and dimension, we provide tailor-made solutions.