Safety Net Manufacturer

Mainly used in the construction industry, safety nets have several practical applications. Depending on the knitting and mesh size, it can be used to break any falling debris or as a protection for workers. It can also be used to keep the surrounding areas clean without obstructing air or light.

Focus manufactures top-of-the-line safety netting that combines durable materials and advanced knitting. Mesh layers are treated with flame retardant and UV protection to address high safety demands. Order from Focus now and increase profits with reliable safety nets.

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Multi-Purpose Safety Nets in Various Scenes

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Reliable Safety Nets for High-Level Protection

Strong, weather and flame resistant safety nets secure the surroundings from potential dangers.

high and reliable quality

Guaranteed Quality

We use the latest drawing and warping machines to create strong filament. Our nets made of filament are firmly woven all the time, ensuring reliability and firmness.

flame retardancy

Flame Retardancy

Safety nets are treated with flame retardancy to avoid fire damage on the netting. Our UL94-certified nettings add a security to employers and their team.

easy installation

Easy-to-Install Design

Eyelets are designed to make installation reliable and easy. Customize your safety net with Focus to gain users’ trust.

customization size

Customizable Size and Style

With full equipment for knitting nets, Focus is able to design and produce quality nets according to your spec and aesthetic requirements.