Orange Barrier Net Manufacturer

Used predominantly on construction and architectural projects, orange barrier nets serve as both a barricade and a guide for pedestrians in an area. The bright orange mesh is colored as such to effectively get the attention of people and warn them off a restricted section.

Made from UV-treated, quality PE material, our orange barrier nets can handle long-time use and exposure to the elements. Fluorescent strips can also be added to aid in warning pedestrians to stay off the area. Partner with Focus today and provide better netting solutions to your customers.

Multi-Purpose Orange Barrier Nets in Various Scenes

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First-Rate Orange Barrier Nets for Any Scale Business

Our line of reliable and customizable orange barrier nets fit any project at hand.

fluorescent material

Fluorescent Material

Focus utilizes branded masterbatches to guarantee the long-lasting durability of our nets. Fadeless nets reduce your replacement cost.

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Consistent Quality

Our QC workers conduct strict inspection from production to final packaging, ensuring that you can receive nets with guaranteed quality.

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Large Inventory

We stock a large inventory of hot-sale nets for your fast delivery. You can get a steady supply with low MOQ requirements thanks to our in-stock nets.

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Saving Transportation Cost

With 18 years of experience in the industry, we are able to help reduce your shipping cost. Accurate packing quantity avoids wasting any freight space.