Olive Net Manufacturer

An effective and economical solution not only for harvesting olives, olive nets can also work with other nuts and small fruits. Weaved using durable 100% pure polyethylene material and reinforced weaving techniques, these nets withstand wear and tear from rocks, twigs, and the like. Our treatment for UV and tear resistance allows the nets to resist long exposure to diverse weather conditions with little effect on the net’s integrity.

Focus’ reliable olive netting solutions help maximize their harvest and turn more profit. Get started with your order today!

Multi-Purpose Olive Nets in Various Scenes

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Quality Olive Nets Supplied Directly From Our Factory

Strong, easy to setup olive nets maximize harvests and help increase profits. Get yours now!

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Tear Resistance

100% pure PE material is highly resistant to weathering and tearing from sharp objects. Material is treated with UV and water protection for additional resistance to the elements.

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Flexible Fabric

Thanks to our advanced machinery and knitting process, the olive nets are flexible and can be used on any surface.

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Easy to Use

Lightweight construction makes olive nets easy to setup, use and store. Our quality materials allow for optimized manufacturing, resulting in easy to use netting.

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Affordable Prices

Avoid the middleman and get quality olive nets at wholesale prices. Our efficient production line allows for quick production, so we can meet your netting demands.