Ground Cover Fabric Supplier

Focus carries a wide variety of customizable ground cover fabrics that fit any nursery, greenhouse or garden situation. Whether looking for protection from weeds, insects, or for temperature and moisture regulation, our ground covers can handle the task.

Made from carefully-selected durable material and technical weaving, these ground covers are highly resistant to heat, water, and UV rays. Its flexible material allows for easy use and minimal setup, making it a convenient solution to customer needs. Contact us to get quick samples and trial of our high-performance weed control mats.

Multi-Purpose Ground Cover Fabric in Various Scenes

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ground cover fabric for clean ground application
ground cover fabric for accurate cultivation and arrangement
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Weed Control Mats from Experienced Factory

Our quality ground cover fabrics leave no space for weeds to grow near your crops.

Tear Resistance

Tear Resistance

These control mats are tightly-knit to create a tear-resistant netting solution. Its strong raw materials allow for long use, saving users on unnecessary replacements.

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UV Protection

PP particles used for weaving the mats are made with UV protective additives to extend the life under the elements. Gain higher ROI using long-lasting products from Focus.

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Supporting Accessories

Ground staples and the like secure the ground covers in place and lowers risk of moving. Make installation of ground cover fabrics easy and convenient with our selection of accessories.

Custom Solutions available for ground cover fabrics

Custom Solutions

Customer needs vary depending on several factors, and Focus is ready to provide solutions to all. Our state-of-the-art facility can handle customized orders to meet specific needs.