Construction Net Supplier

Whatever the size of the construction project, safety should always be a top concern. Construction netting not only offers protection to the workers, but also to the people around the site as well.

Focus leads the industry with innovative and affordable netting solutions for various construction needs. Our line of construction nets are built using 100% pure PE material, ensuring high tensile strength that can endure continuous use. UV and weather protection also covers the nets from harmful effects of the weather. Order high-performance nets right now!

Flexible Construction Nets for Various Applications

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Full Netting Solution for Construction Project

Focus’ durable and innovative construction netting solutions protect workers and construction sites.

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Reliable Woven Structure

Our manufacturing facility only uses trusted knitting machinery to produce nets won’t break or tear easily. Secure knitting also allows for longtime exposures, adding more value to the nets.

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Custom Design

Nets are fully customizable, allowing customers to create their unique construction net for specific use. Dimensions, mesh thickness and size, among others, are open for adjustment.

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Aging Resistance

UV resistant and antioxidant treatment on the netting material before knitting allows the nets to function continually despite constant weather exposure.

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Fire Resistance

Additionally, nets are enhanced with flame-retardant chemicals to avoid them catching fire, either from prolonged heat exposure or otherwise.