Anti Hail Net Manufacturer

As pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers, hail poses a great danger to any garden or crop field owner. Without the proper protection, it can wipe out entire fields and halt any crop yield in an instant. Having adequate protection from hail is imperative, especially in locations that are prone to the event.

Made from quality PE, anti hail nets from Focus are more than capable to take the task at hand. The nets are carefully woven using modern knitting machinery and techniques to keep the plants safe from hail. UV and water resistance gives the nets an extended lifespan. Get our reliable netting solutions now!

Multi-Purpose Anti Hail Nets in Various Scenes

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Superior Anti Hail Netting for Your Business

High tensile strength and durable design ensure long lasting yet flexible netting.

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Wear-Resistant Plastic

PE material engineered to have high tolerance to wear and tear, allowing the net to last longer than others. Its durability highlights the quality applied to every nets.

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Elastic Woven Fabric

Carefully woven fabric retains its flexibility even after production. This makes setup easy, as it can be configured based on the frame’s shape without any trouble.

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Light Net

Despite extensive durability and multiple mesh layers, our nets are relatively lightweight, making installation an easy process. Minimal support needed for the net setup adds convenience to users.

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Customizable Dimension

Net dimensions are fully customizable, thanks to our advanced weaving technology. Nets can come in different lengths and widths depending on customer and market demands.