Aluminet Manufacturer

Made from top-quality HDPE with imbued reflective metal material, aluminets is more effective in climate regulation than traditional black screens. Its reflective nature greatly reduces the impact of the sun’s radiation, effectively cooling down temperatures on the field. Regulated heat also helps lower energy consumption on heated structures and offers frost protection, reducing production costs.

Focus delivers reliable high-end aluminets that support different business applications. Our diverse lines of reflective nets are made with advanced sewing and knitting machines to ensure durability and long-term use while keeping them lightweight. Get your in-stock sample now!

Multi-Purpose Aluminets in Various Scenes

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Aluminet Shade Cloth with First-Rate Features

Durable and weather resistant aluminet netting from Focus greatly regulates temperatures to fit plant needs.

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Reflective Material

Reflective aluminum filaments woven with PE materials decrease the heat entering the garden. This material also blocks harmful UV rays that can destroy plants.

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High Shade Rate

Compared to traditional black shades, aluminet does not only regulate temperature, it also offers a higher shade rate, thanks to its advanced weaving method.

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Anti-Aging Property

The UV and weather protection that covers our aluminets help withstand the harsh weather conditions brought by constant use. Expect a long service life from our aluminets.

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Easy Installation

Dedicated button holes and overlocking options built in every aluminet makes it easy to install and secure. It’s more convenient to unfold and fix the net with a lightweight structure.