Reliable Raw Materials and Additives, Stable and Durable Nets.

Our technical personnel has developed and produced high-performance netting products thanks to their professional knowledge of raw materials. Tell them your needs and we will work out the right recipe for your project.

  • PE

    PE (Polyethylene)

    With high chemical resistance and light weight, PE is the most frequently used plastic in Focus's net production to enhance the stability and durability of outdoor nets. You can get the top-grade nets with low transportation costs.

  • PP

    PP (Polypropylene)

    PP is more rigid and harder than PE, providing a highly protective barrier against moisture and vapors. That makes it ideal for manufacturing special nettings like weed control mat which creates lasting durability and high fabric strength.

  • Color masterbatches

    Color Masterbatch

    We use granular masterbatches to produce stable net products with uniform and accurate color. Masterbatches also contain additives to improve the chemical properties of nets. Partner with us to get stable nets with a wide range of colors.

  • Fire retardant

    Fire Retardant

    Fire retardant is the paramount additives to reduce the occurrence of fire and the damage caused by fire. Focus adds reliable fire retardants and provides trusted certifications to meet your quality and law needs.

  • Antioxidant


    Antioxidants can keep plastic stable in a high-temperature production environment to enhance the mechanical properties of plastic nets. Focus's products with quality antioxidants deliver you a durable netting solution without premature breakage.

  • UV protection additives

    UV Protection Additives

    Focus adds UV protection additives to slow down the degradation of plastic nets due to long-term UV irradiation in the outdoor environment. Don't worry about the net appearance and mechanical problems caused by aging any longer.

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Supplied by Famous Material Brands

Focus purchases all raw materials from creditworthy suppliers to make sure the material reliability and availability.

Also, we are capable of designing your formula with cost-effective materials from other suitable brands based on your budget and quality requirements.

Uniform Mixing of Granular Materials
for Steady Performance

Compared with powdered materials, granular ones made from evenly distributed pigments & additives are easier to mix with plastic particles. That's why at Focus, we use granular materials instead of powdered ones in our production.

Consistent mixing is also made possible with our automatic & efficient material mixing machine.

Uniform mixing materials guarantee the stable physical and chemical performance of nets in the later production.

Mixing machine evenly mixes raw materials and additives