Plastic drawing and wraping

Plastic Drawing and Warping

We invested in a series of drawing machines to produce tape and round monofilaments, satisfying different needs in shielding effect and impact strength. The strong plastic wire is automatically wrapped on the reel of high-speed warping machine for the next efficient weaving process.

Source our high-performance tape-yarn netting products with a lighter weight and round-yarn nets with better shock resistance to enrich your product line.

Net Weaving

The monofilaments are interwoven in different forms to create nets with different structures & properties.

With 18 years of experience in the netting industry, our skillful workers are well-acquainted with weaving methods of nets for different applications.

Select the right functional nets from our in-stock products or design your new netting with Focus knitting methods.

Netting machine
Sewing nets

Rigorous Post Processing
for Superb Netting

With our delicate post processing, our netting comes as a perfect combination of beauty, function, and usability.

From sewing to button punching, we employ experienced workers and adopt semi-automatic machines to make sure every finishing job is done right.

Our Workshop and Equipment

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Circular Weaving Machine

Raschel Knitting Machine

Raschel Knitting Machine

Machinery Commissioning

Machinery Commissioning

Drawing Machine

Drawing Machine